To all of our US & Canadian fans…

We always pay attention when you guys post on our Facebook or tweet to us, asking us to return to your continent and we hugely appreciate the support, honestly it’s been so extremely humbling throughout the last year to see how many of you want us back!

We feel we owe you an explanation though as to why we haven’t yet returned and why you see us only posting about shows in UK and Europe. Honestly, it comes down largely to money. We have always been a band funded out of our own pockets, no big label handout, no rich parents, so everything we’ve done, has been either thanks to our fans buying merchandise, or a result of us all saving up.

To really show you guys what we mean, we’ve decided to post up a breakdown of what it cost us to tour last Summer in the USA & Canada:

Performance VISA ($7,350+)

  • $4500 in Lawyers Fees (to apply for P1 visas)
  • $1500 for fast-tracking the paperwork
  • $900 US Embassy interview fees (which did not guarantee the VISA approval)
  • Travel costs to London for interviews
  • $350 Passport replacement costs for 2 members (resulting in us cancelling Jorddunst Festival in Norway)

Flight costs (Around $5000)
Merchandise printing costs ($3732 on tees & CDs)
Van rental ($4500)
Van Fuel (About $2500)
General living / spending money (Around $600+ per person)

TOTAL SPEND:  $26,082+

Sadly, due to these costs, our Trumpet player Ed was not able to raise the funds needed to make it over. The rest of us were able to find the money by taking loans, begging parents and friends and selling our souls, but are to this day still paying it off.

When over in America, our standard fee per show was $200 or less (that’s for the whole band, not per member). This money usually completely went toward fuel and rent for the van and if we were lucky, we had a small amount spare to all squeeze into one motel room!

We were lucky in one way though, because we were on tour with two amazing bands, with a load of incredible fans, we were able to sell out of all of our merchandise, this helped us to live while on tour and also helped a little towards financial recovery on return to the UK, so for that, we thank you all! We also want to hugely thank those who donated towards our tour in advance of it. You were able to raise $1600, which helped us to afford all of the VISA fees!

Pre-tour Fundraising ($1,600)
Income from shows ($4,000)
Income from merch sales ($10,000)


OVERALL TOUR TOTAL: -$10,482 (loss)

To say that this tour was the best time of our lives would be an understatement, none of us regret spending this amount of money, but sadly it’s not something we are easily able to do again, and that’s why we haven’t yet returned. There are solutions though:

  1. A record label in the US could offer to represent us for our tour, resulting in the legal fees not being applied to our VISA application.
  2. We could potentially tour if offered a slot on a very big tour, with guaranteed large crowds, in hope that we are able to make money back on merchandise sales. - You guys can help with this, post as often as you can to the Twitter and Facebook accounts of your favourite bands, asking them to get us over!

  3. We could all win the lottery.

You guys already do help us each and every day though, with every t-shirt or CD order, a small amount of money is invested into the band and the things we do, we have never once taken personal payment from the band. Everything you invest, we return to you in some way! That is the reason we push our merchandise sales.

So, hopefully this blog explains everything as clearly as it possibly can. We WANT to return to America, we love you guys and hope it will happen, but sadly we’re a bit restricted at the moment, let’s hope it will all change soon!

Thanks for reading, please feel free to reblog this if you have Tumblr and please feel free to leave any comments on our Facebook or Twitter.

On a brighter note, our new EP comes out on November 12th, fuck yeah!

NR x 


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Good evening everyone, we hope you’re having an awesome summer so far! We have decided to start sending out monthly newsletters, as Facebook have just started charging for Facebook posts to actually be posted to everyone’s news feed, which we think is just plain cheeky!

So, what exciting news do we have for you this month!? Well, loads of stuff as it turns out!



We have a co-headline tour starting this Thursday with The Hype Theory. We will be playing all the tracks from our new EP, plus plenty of old favourites too, so make sure to head down to check them out before anyone else. The dates are:

14th - LEICESTER, Soundhouse (This Thursday!)
Advance tickets:

15th - SHEFFIELD, Corporation
Advance tickets:

16th - BEDFORD, Esquires
Advance tickets:

17th - YORK, Stereo
Advance tickets:

18th - LONDON, Islington O2 Academy2
Advance tickets:

20th - GUILDFORD, Boileroom
Advance tickets:

21st - SOUTHAMPTON, Unit
FREE ENTRY before 12

If you know you are heading down, please grab an advance ticket. Not only does it cost less than on the door usually, but it keeps us calm knowing that we’ll definitely see you guys there! None of the shows clash with any England Euro 2012 matches!



If you haven’t noticed, have put out a brand new song called "Live Fast, Die Young" from our upcoming EP "Raising the Stakes".  We’d love to know what you think! You can check it out on your favourite sites:


PLUS - If you like what you hear, you can PRE-ORDER our new EP right now at



If you would like a FREE DOWNLOAD of our new track “Live Fast, Die Young”, simply head here - - click the ‘Free Download’ link and sign up to our mailing list. We promise, you will not be spammed!


Thank you for reading!

NR x

Album Art


Check out “Live Fast, Die Young" from our upcoming EP "Raising the Stakes




PLEASE REBLOG among your friends and let us know what you think! If you would like to pre-order the EP, you can do so at

ArtistNew Riot
TitleLive Fast, Die Young
AlbumRaising the Stakes
The brand new New Riot EP titled “Raising the Stakes" is now available to pre-order at, featuring the 5 best tracks we have ever written or recorded.We will ship to anywhere in the World.The track listing is:01. Land of Opportunity02. Girl From Hell03. Lesson Learned04. The Better Days05. Live Fast, Die YoungPre-ordering our CD hugely helps us as a band. When you buy tracks through iTunes, Apple take a large majority of the income, but with physical CD orders, the whole amount is invested into the band.This means we can tour more, print more awesome merch and just generally make sure we do more to treat our fans!So please, pre-order our new EP now at you!
The brand new New Riot EP titled “Raising the Stakes" is now available to pre-order at, featuring the 5 best tracks we have ever written or recorded.

We will ship to anywhere in the World.

The track listing is:
01. Land of Opportunity
02. Girl From Hell
03. Lesson Learned
04. The Better Days
05. Live Fast, Die Young

Pre-ordering our CD hugely helps us as a band. When you buy tracks through iTunes, Apple take a large majority of the income, but with physical CD orders, the whole amount is invested into the band.

This means we can tour more, print more awesome merch and just generally make sure we do more to treat our fans!

So please, pre-order our new EP now at

Thank you!

Full Time Bassist Required


New Riot are currently looking for a new bassist to complete our 6-piece line-up. We are looking for serious applicants with plenty of stage experience and enough time to commit to the band. Commitments would include touring (UK, Europe, USA, Canada etc.), recording, song-writing etc.

To make sure we find the right person, we’re going to be a little picky! If you think you meet most of the below requirements, we strongly advise you to apply:

✔ Must be 18+

✔ Good level of bass playing skill within the pop-punk / ska-punk genre is essential

✔ Previous stage experience is highly recommended

✔ Must own suitable equipment (or be in a position to buy / acquire equipment needed)

✔ Should ideally be well organised, motivated & energetic

✔ Should take a degree of pride in appearance, lots of people will be watching you on stage!

✔ Driving license / car is a bonus, although should you be able to easily travel to Guildford, Swindon, Southampton areas via other means, that should be fine.


If you would like to apply, please send details of:

✖ How you feel you meet the above requirements

✖ Basic details (age, hometown, contact info etc.)

✖ Link to Facebook

✖ A photo of yourself (if your Facebook photos aren’t publicly viewable)

✖ Any video footage you may have of you performing. Or any audio clips.

✖ Anything else you feel may show us that you are the right bassist for us.



There are some very exciting times ahead for New Riot. If you are unsure about anything, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We’re all very friendly people!

We look forward to hearing from you!

NR x


My band (New Riot) at Cleveland House of Blues!! Please reblog


Another live video, this time form BOSTON House of Blues!! Check out this epic crowd-surfing!


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